House of the world.

As the name suggests, Casa Del Mundo offers accommodations from around the world. Wood carved caravans from all over Europe, African safari lodges and an Asian rice house. This gives guests the impression that they are on a world tour. All accommodations have their own bathroom, kitchen and terrace with a view over the beautiful valley. In addition to the caravans and the rice house, there are small equipped caravans that can accommodate 2 to 3 extra people. In this way, all our accommodations are suitable for 2 to 5 people.

Andalucia & Beso

This beautiful, handmade caravan has been specially designed and built for us. The car has a living room, bathroom, kitchen and bedroom with 2 single beds that can be made up as a double bed.

It is possible to place an extra bed in the living room but for additional sleeping you can also rent the adjacent caravan El Beso. So your children have their own little house. El Beso is only 2 meters from the master bedroom. Around the property are several private terraces with views of the mountains.

Balkan & Marron

The Balkan has a bedroom and separate living room. At the French doors of the bedroom is the sanitary house with shower, toilet and fully equipped outdoor kitchen. There are chairs and a dining table on the terrace.

This wagon is suitable for 2 persons and has the possibility to place 1 or 2 extra beds in the living room. The small caravan El Marrón can also be rented for extra sleeping places

Bosporus & Harem

The Bosphorus has a bedroom and separate living room, a sanitary house with outdoor kitchen and bathroom, terraces with chairs and tables. From the various terraces you have a beautiful view of Tibi and the mountains.

This wagon is suitable for 2 persons and has the possibility to place 1 or 2 extra beds in the living room.

For extra beds, the neighbouring caravan El Harem can also be rented.

Elephant & Punjab

The Punjab is next to the Elephant wagon. Gypsies originaly came from India and in particular from Punjab. Both caravans are rented together and have a central sanitary house with its own outdoor kitchen and terrace with chairs and dining table.

The combination is ideal for families with children or 2x2 people. The Elephant has two single beds that can be placed together. An extra bed can also be placed here. The Punjab has a 2-person bedstead and 2 extra beds can be added.

Sumatra & Bali

The Sumatra is a Indonesian rice barn and has kitchen and bathroom inside and has its own terrace.  

There is a living room and in the bedroom there is a double bed.

For extra beds you can rent a small caravan (el Bali) next to the wagon (1 meter away from the sleeping room of the parents) or ask for an extra small bed in the living room.

Zambia & Kenia

These very specialy decorated safari lodges have their own bathroom and kitchen. Next to the master bedroom there is a separate bedroom with bunk beds. This makes these lodges suitable for a stay with 2 to 5 people (Zambia) or even for 6 people (Kenya). The scaffolding wood interior and the large veranda gives a rugged but luxurious look.