Experience the contrast between old and new; expansive landscapes and detailed architecture; traditional and modern; fiestas and siestas.
The Costa Blanca, like the rest of Spain, has many cultural festivals. Watch and admire the spectacular ´Moros and Cristianos´ parade through the centre of Alcoy, or the colourful fiestas of ´Las Fallas´ in Valencia and Hogueras in Alicante.
And of course you can biking, horse riding, climbing, trekking, walking, diving, snorkelling and relaxing all over the year. All within reach!

Paragliding with professional Juan Carlos Osuna, with more than 10 years experience. He shares his experience with you and let you feel as free as a bird in the sky. The tandem flight is the safest and most enjoyable way to try paragliding. Together with Juan Carlos you make an exciting flight. Feeling the wind, enjoying the view and at the end relax and let go. Try it yourself!
Pottery Emili Boix
Five generations of craftsmen modelling the clay, feeding the fire, keeping up tradition, growing the sensibility, searching for originality, coming back to the roots.
Visit an ancient pottery with Arab ovens and that displaying a collection of
ceramics dating back to the 19th and 20th centuries. Children can work with clay
Finca Casa Del Mundo
Jos Heijs & Beppie Kokx

Partida Torresellas 47, 03109 Tibi (Alicante), Spain
Tel.: 0034-676278480
GPS 38.533715,-0.615342